Here's What The Children Of The Late Genius Stephen Hawking Grew Up To Be

Date April 3, 2018

Although most people know Stephen Hawking for being a renowned physicist, his scientific work isn't his only legacy.

Hawking had three children: Timothy, Robert, and Lucy. The famous scientist's offspring didn't follow their father's career path, but they certainly inherited his sharp mind.

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Stephen Hawking's three shining stars

Robert Hawking, the oldest out of his siblings, is 50 years old, and works as a computer engineer at Microsoft. As a young boy, he helped his mother Jane care for his father. Today, he's married with two kids.

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The only daughter of Stephen Hawking, Lucy, is 47, and she's a fictional writer. Together with her dad, she wrote a story titled George's Secret Key to the Universe about the adventures of the small boy around the solar system. Her only son William, 20, was diagnosed with autism, which is why she takes part in Autism Research Trust.

Hawking's youngest boy, 37-year-old Timothy, is a marketing specialist at Lego company. He was born when the famous physicist could only interact through a computer voice. Timothy admitted that he couldn't understand his father at first, but then, he got used to it and, as a joke, would sometimes program curse words into Hawking's system.

Honoring Stephen Hawking's memory

All three siblings attended Stephen Hawking's memorial service in Cambridge over the Easter weekend. The funeral took place in St. Mary's church, near which hundreds of people flooded the streets to say goodbye to the brilliant physicist.

The brightest genius of our generation, Stephen Hawking, will be greatly missed.

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