Is Duchess Camilla Copying Queen Mother's Behavior To Prove She's Worthy Of The Throne?

Date April 10, 2018

A lot of speculating is going on about who will take over the throne, once Queen Elizabeth II steps down. Now 91, the Queen has made several remarks about who she thinks would be best to rule England, but right now, Prince Charles is the next in line. Charles has been actively tending to his royal duties, along with his wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles. The couple hopes to increase the public's approval of Charles and their chances for the throne.


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What's more curious though is what will Camilla's role be in all this. If Charles becomes the king, will his wife be named the next queen? Unfortunately, it's up in the air. Previously, Camilla was set to receive the title of princess consort, but it seems to be forgotten now. All we can do is wait and see.

Camilla Parker-Bowles wants that title

While Camilla's future possible official title is unknown, it's obvious what she has her eye on. According to body language expert, Charles' wife is copying the behavior of the Queen Mother, which indicates her true desires.


Evidently, Camilla has been acting much more confident in Australia, where she and Prince Charles are now. “From her arrival in Australia we saw a very even-handed royal double act with Camilla even taking the lead at times rather than lagging behind reluctantly and waiting to be invited to join in by her husband as she has in the past," said the expert.


The Duchess of Cornwall even revamped her wardrobe. Now, it looks more sophisticated and more fitted for the queen.


In addition, it seems that Mrs. Parker-Bowles is putting in extra effort to make Prince Charles look good. She recently admitted to having a fear of flying, which is why Camilla often didn't join Charles in overseas trips. This time, she did, what a dedication to her husband.


Do you think Camilla Parker-Bowles is worthy of the queen title? Share with us in the comments.

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