Net Worth Of Kate Middleton's Parents Was Revealed: Did Royal Status Boost Financial State?

Date April 13, 2018

The Middleton family was completely unknown before their daughter married a prince and couldn't dream of setting foot in the Windsor Castle.


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Kate Middleton's parents, Carole and Michael, have always led regular lives. Carole is an entrepreneur, she founded a party supply and decoration business in 1987, after the birth of her two children. The company, Party Pieces, is estimated at over $50 million today. Michael comes from a wealthy family. He used to work as a flight dispatch and lived in Jordan for over 2 years in the 80s.


Carole, 63, and Michael, 68, were already millionaires, thanks to their heritage and business skills, when Kate met William. A little royal publicity definitely gave Carole Middleton's company a little boost.


Today, the Middleton's net worth is estimated at £30 million. All profits come from Carole's company Party Pieces.


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Kate Middleton herself used to work in a fashion industry as a buyer for a clothes shop. These days, of course, her job is the royal family. Kate's net worth is said to be £3.5 million, twice as much as Meghan Markle's worth.


The royal status definitely works in favor of the Middletons; however, it all comes with a price. Prince Charles' biography recently revealed that Carole had a falling out with William's father. Apparently, Charles didn't like that William and Kate preferred to spend time with her side of the family.


But a little feud is unimportant when your business is booming, and you have a third grandchild on the way.

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