Queen Believes William And Harry Are Better Suited For The Throne Than Charles

Date April 4, 2018 15:21

In the recently released book Rebel Prince, the author Tom Bower revealed that Prince Philip has doubts about Prince Charles' ability to rule. The Duke is afraid that his son would have trouble keeping the Britain unified.


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Interestingly, the public has similar concerns. According to the latest poll, 63% of young adults want Prince William to inherit the throne next. But we all know it's the Queen's opinion, so what does she have to say about her successor?

Queen Elizabeth II favors her grandsons

The famous biographer, Andrew Morton, known for writing about Princess Diana's life, revealed that the Queen believes in William and Harry's ability to rule more than in her own son.


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The author claims that Queen Elizabeth II was very pleased with Harry's performance lately, and how he found enough time to appear at official events, while simultaneously being in a relationship with Meghan Markle.


Apparently, the Queen recognizes the likeability of her grandsons and knows what's best for the throne. "William and Harry have star quality, and are believable and authentic heirs to the monarchy," Morton said.


In addition, the Queen has big plans for Prince Harry's role in the Commonwealth. She believes that his public image can help 're-energize' the institution and make it more relevant.

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