Queen Elizabeth II Has A Surprisingly Cheap Household Item In The Windsor Castle

Date April 3, 2018

It's safe to say that Queen Elizabeth II is a wealthy person. The Queen's annual income for 2017 is estimated at £76 million, and it will increase by £6 million in 2018 owing to the stellar performance by the Crown State last year.


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Overall, Her Majesty's net worth equals to about £415 million. Her fortune is mostly made up of real estate properties, private investments, and the Queen's personal historic items of value. However, even if you're royalty, it doesn't mean you should fill your house with exclusively pricey objects, does it? Well, Queen Elizabeth II certainly thinks so.

In the recently released portrait of the Queen with the President of Estonia in Windsor, people found something out of place.


Right there, underneath a golden table and exquisitely luxurious surroundings, lies a small fan heater. It's very plain and grey looking, but it must do it's job well! The cost of this appliance is around £30. But hey, if it's effective, why bother splurging on something fancier?

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We wonder if Her Majesty puts a similar heater in all of her residences. She'd need a lot, considering that the Queen has almost enough houses to change them every day of the week. Besides the obvious Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace, Queen Elizabeth II has four more houses all around the UK, including Scotland and Northern Ireland.


Maybe, next time you go for a fan heater hunting, you should look out for the one just like the Queen has, so you can have just that one thing in common with royalty.

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