Stephen Colbert Is The Biggest Fan Of Donald Trump's New Nickname

Date April 5, 2018

The story of Donald Trump's alleged affair with Stormy Daniels has been the hottest topic of discussion for the past few weeks. Last week, the adult film star gave an interview on 60 Minutes, in which she provided more details about what happened between her and the president.

Daniels revealed some juicy stories, but one of them seem to have stuck in Washington circles.

Trump's new nickname is the new best thing

One of the details Stormy Daniels talked about, was how she spanked Trump with the rolled-up Forbes magazine, which had his face on the cover. The story is now apparently making rounds in the political circles, which was the highlight of Stephen Colbert's monologue during his Late Show.


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The famous talk show host played a clip of Richard Ben-Veniste, a famous American lawyer, who talked about the impact of Stormy Daniels' interview. Ben-Veniste then proceeded to reveal that Donald Trump now has a new nickname around Washington and is now known as 'Spanky'.


Colbert looked blissfully happy upon hearing the president's new title. "This maybe the best news I've heard all day," he said.

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Mr. President still doesn't care to comment

Donald Trump is still yet to make a public statement about the alleged affair. Specialists believe that the president might be ignoring the situation with an agenda of not giving it more attention than it already has. It's partly true, because if Trump chooses to speak out, this topic will be reignited stronger than ever, so it's possible to assume that he was advised to stay silent.

It's doubtful that this story will blow over any time soon, so we'll just sit back and observe its new developments.

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