Teacher's Photo Of A Broken Chair Resulted In $44,000 Donations In School Supplies

Date April 6, 2018 13:01

Earlier this week, teachers in Oklahoma City gathered for a walkout in protest to insufficient education funding. Due to low budget, schools were forced to cut classes, postpone necessary repairs, and increase educators' workload.


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Even the students joined their teachers during the statewide protest. All teachers hope to make lawmakers stop reducing the budget and realize the reality of their terrible work conditions.

Teacher reveals harsh reality of the American classroom

Inspired by her colleagues' actions, Oklahoma teacher, Laurissa Kovacs, couldn't stay silent any longer. She teaches art class and has up to 30 students per class. Laurissa revealed that she has to bring her own folding chairs to the classroom to make sure everyone can have a seat. What's even worse, the chairs provided by the school are in no condition to be used any longer. Kovacs shared a picture of one of such chairs on her Facebook account, and people were shocked.

This picture got reposted over 80,000 times. People expressed their support of Laurissa and everything other teachers have to deal with. To Covacs surprise, many comments said that they're ready to help, so she set up an Amazon registry for school supplies.

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As of now, people donated over $44,000 in school supplies, and packages keep on coming to Laurissa. But of course, she's not planning on leaving it all for herself. "My plans are to share, share, share! I'm not the only one in my district who needs things, so I'll be sharing it all," she said.

Hopefully, government takes notice of the extreme situation that nation's schools are in and finally decides to take action, just like it's citizens.

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