71 Strangers Donated Blood To Save Life Of A Little Girl Who Was Diagnosed With A Rare Type Of Cancer

Date March 19, 2018

People’s generosity and kindness of their hearts can create miracles.

This is a 2-year-old Skye Savren-McCormick. Just months after she was born, doctors diagnosed her with two types of cancer, one of which was rare since it only affects one in one million children. Doctors gave the little girl only 10% percent chances for survival and two options: to fight or to quit.

Her parents decided to keep fighting for Skye’s life. She needed blood and platelet transfusions on a daily basis. According to hospital officials, the baby girl went through bone-marrow transplants, surgery to remove her oversized spleen, and several chemotherapy sessions for the cancers.

Skye stayed at UCLA Mattel Children’s Hospital for 10 months. During that time, she got 77 units of blood and platelets. 71 strangers donated blood to save the girl’s life. Skye’s mother, Talia Savren-McCormick, 33, called those donations “life in a bag.” Now, doctors say that Skye’s cancers are in remission, she’s gaining weight, and her health is getting better.

Recently, the little girl and her parents met 24 of the 71 people who donated the blood and platelets that saved her life. They met quite a diverse group of donors ranging from 17 to 71 years old.

On the photos that were taken during the meeting, Skye is surrounded by the smiling donors and her parents. Savren-McCormick says that although the little girl, who soon will turn 3, is still suffering from the after-effects of the illnesses and treatments, they are happy she is alive and that their family is in a much better place.

Skye ‘s parents have also set up a YouCaring page in order to help them cover medical costs, which now raised $11,074.