Baby Chimpanzee Snuggles With Man Who Rescued Him From Poachers And Becomes His Co-Pilot


This adorable pair will melt your heart!

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Baby chimpanzee Mussa was rescued by pilot Anthony Caere from poachers in Africa and became an internet celebrity thanks to Lwiro Primates, a sanctuary for chimps and monkeys in Congo that shared a video of his rescue mission on their Facebook page.

The video shows Mussa and his new best friend Virunga National Park anti-poaching pilot Anthony Caere on their flight to Lwiro Primates. The two bonded on the trip when Mussa spent the journey on Antony’s lap, played with a throttle, enjoyed the breathtaking view, and even had a grooming session.

The rescue of Mussa is the third mission this year. Luckily, the baby chimp is adjusting to his new home very well. Lwiro technical director Itsaso Velez del Burgo told:

Mussa is doing very well! He is spending his quarantine with four other babies also orphaned of poaching. At the beginning he was a bit scared of them, probably because he has spent lots of time alone without seeing another chimp. But now he is much more confident playing with them and laughing, even if he is still very attached to the keeper. He has some intestinal parasites but we are already treating it. He is a beautiful chimp! His eye expression is special.

The rescue-pilot Anthony Caere took to his personal Instagram account to share the video along with the message of awareness:

This looks cute but is actually a sad story. He should be with his mum. But happy we could give him a new good home! Thanks to the whole team! This is conservation!

According to Virunga’s website, Caere is the head pilot, whose duties include inspecting poaching sites and carrying out medical evacuations. Early this year, he shared a video about environmental consciousness, urging everyone to continue "fighting the good fight”.

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