‘Dairy Godmother’: Woman Donates 128 Gallons Of Breast Milk To Mothers In Need

Date March 22, 2018

Breastmilk donation is very important as some mothers can’t produce enough milk to feed their babies due to being emotionally stressed or many other reasons. Feeding babies with breastmilk is highly encouraged because it is easy to digest and has antibacterial abilities.


Newborns are at high risk of Necrotizing Enterocolitis – an intestinal infection that can have a fatal ending. Breastmilk helps protect intestinal lining and lower the risks of the infection.

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Healthy moms, who produce more milk that is needed for their family, can become donors for struggling mums and babies in need.

Christina Nichter, who was nicknamed ‘Dairy Godmother’, decided to become a donor when she noticed she’s been pumping more than 70 ounces a day.

At 2 weeks post-partum after having Jayden, I had over 250 ounces of breast milk frozen. I was producing 70 plus ounces a day and steadily increasing every day. It was then that I decided I needed to help other babies. I started looking into donating.

She contacted many milk banks and finally received an answer from Mother’s Milk Bank of Montana. Successfully finishing the interview and examinations, she started to donate her breastmilk every other week, sometimes even couple times in one week.

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Then, she was introduced by a friend to a struggling mom, and she started to help her, too.

I started reaching out to other mommas. The feeling of helping other mothers was phenomenal.

The “Dairy mother” ended up donating 128 gallons of breastmilk, which is 16,385 ounces, and she is very proud of her accomplishment.

Another mom, Jenny Rogers, also became a donor. She lost her child after 6 days of her baby girl being born, but her body kept producing breastmilk, so she donated it to a mom in need. Thanks to her, baby Merrytt now has a full belly and her mom – a full heart.

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