Justin Trudeau’s Touching Birthday Message To His Wife Had Left Many People In Tears


April 25, 2018 16:25 By Fabiosa

Since Justin Trudeau became Canada’s new prime minister, he established himself as a hard-core feminist, who fights for gender equality, and he is a man of his words.

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But Trudeau is ready to talk about something more important than politics – the love of his life, his wife Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau. Their love story is filled with romance, admiration, and dedication.


The prime minister met his wife when they were kids, but they didn’t talk much because of their age difference. Nonetheless, they met again in 2003 at the charity event where they spent the time flirting with each other. After the meeting, Sophie sent Justin an email but never received a response.


Trudeau admitted:

I knew if I responded even slightly, we’d wind up going for coffee, and that would be the last date I’d ever have in my life.

But fate had its own plan, as the two met again, accidentally bumping into each other on the street. Justin asked her on the date and the rest is the history. Sophie remembers:

I’m a dreamer and a romantic and at the end of dinner, he said, ‘I’m 31 years old, and I’ve been waiting for you for 31 years.’ And we both cried like babies.

Are you sobbing yet?


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After becoming the prime minister, Trudeau’s life has changed, but one thing stayed the same – never-ending love for his wife and dedication to his family.

Yesterday, Justin took to Instagram to pay a tribute to his wife on her birthday.

Happy birthday to the wonderful wife and mom, whom I’m so lucky to call my best friend. Here’s to another year of adventures together. xo


46-year-old Justin and 43-year-old Sophie raise three adorable kids together, 10-year-old Xavier James Trudeau, 9-year-old Ella-Grace Margaret Trudeau, 4-year-old Hadrien Trudeau.

Who would have thought we will get couple goal inspiration from the Canadian prime minister?

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