'Lucky Few' Tattoo: The Special Reason Why Parents Are Getting Inked With A Three Arrows Symbol

Date March 16, 2018

There are all sorts of reasons to get a tattoo. Some people get inked in order to honor someone they love, others want to get an eternal remembrance of a spiritual connection. Of course, there are also those who tattooed themselves because it looks cool, and we can’t argue with any of those reasons.


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Tattoos can be meaningful or have no thoughts behind them. They can also symbolize something very important in person’s life, such as a belonging to a certain group. This is what the recently famous “Lucky few” tattoo is all about.

Parents around the world are getting matching tattoos with three arrows in order to raise awareness about an important cause – the Down syndrome.

The arrows represent moving forward and their number - three sets of chromosomes that people with Down's syndrome have.

The tattoo also has another meaning. It symbolizes the bond between the parents of children who have this genetic condition.

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The parent, who started this viral trend, was a mom in America called Mica May. She shared her tattoo on social media with the 'Lucky Few' hashtag.

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And now, families in Britain are joining her.

In Hull, a port city in East Yorkshire, England, 28 parents and grandparents got matching tattoos with the three arrows together at the Regenerates Studio. Some got the 'Lucky Few' slogan inked as well.

Lauren Lawler, 32, has a son Toby, who has the Down syndrome. She was the person behind the organization of the event. Lawler commented:

It sounds stupid, but when you have child with Down's Syndrome and you see another you feel like you’ve got that bond, you're all part of something.  That's what the tattoo is about, to come together and raise awareness and to show that we're proud of our kids. We don't look at them and think they have Down's Syndrome - they are just our children - and we want people to look at them the same as we do.

The parents who got inked are all members of the Downright Special charity, which was created in order to help families to care and educate children with the condition.

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