Matchy-Matchy: Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Appeared In Elegant Matching Outfits For The Queen's Birthday

Date April 23, 2018 15:09

Queen Elizabeth II turned 92 on April 21, which made her the longest reigning monarch in the world.


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To mark the occasion, many stars, including Sting, Tom Jones, and Kylie Minogue, joined together to perform on a concert stage to help the monarch celebrate.


The Queen looked radiant and regal in a sparkling gold dress. But it was Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s outfits that stole the spotlight.

The couple was the first to arrive at the Royal Albert Hall wearing the elegant color-coordinated navy blue outfits.


The American beauty wore a gorgeous navy Stella McCartney caped dress with matching Manolo Blahnik suede heels. She finished the outfit with a clutch by Naeem Khan. Prince Harry looked positively dashing in a smart navy blue suit.


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Almost all of the members of the royal family attended the event, except Kate Middleton. The Duchess of Cambridge is expecting her third child on Monday. She was admitted to the hospital in the morning on the early stages of labor.


Prince Harry took to the stage to congratulate his grandmother, saying:

Tonight we are celebrating the Queen's Birthday but Your Majesty, if you do not mind me saying, you are not someone who is easy to buy gifts for.


He continued:

But I think we have the perfect present. As we celebrate your 92nd birthday this evening and in recognition of your incredible life of service, I am delighted to say that the Queen's Commonwealth Trust has now been launched to support young leaders around the Commonwealth. This organisation, in your name, will provide a platform for those working to make a difference in their communities across 53 countries. Happy Birthday Your Majesty.

Prince Charles also took the stage to congratulate the Queen, who gave him a coy smile after he addressed her as “Mummy.”


The event ended with the monarch acknowledging the crowd with a royal wave.


Long live the Queen!

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