Meghan Markle Had To Practice Drinking Tea Properly Before Meeting The Queen

Date April 4, 2018

American actress Meghan Markle is getting a crash course in royal etiquette.


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Though the rules are not as strict as they used to be, there are specific things the former Suits star must know. Despite that Markle has been already appearing on public alongside with the royal family and her wedding day is approaching closer and closer, she is still polishing up her new skills.


From toning down her accent and sitting pretty to throwing away bright nail polish, Meghan had to learn a lot during her Princess Lessons.

According to Andrew Morton’s new book Meghan: A Hollywood Princess, the actress had to learn something as simple as tea-drinking in order to share a cup with Her Majesty the Queen.


Prince Harry’s future wife secretly prepared for her meeting with the Queen a few months in advance. Before she had an important task to complete - meet Harry’s family – she had to do some learning.

When the meeting with the Queen was arranged in October, Meghan practiced an important skill concerning one very special drink for the British nation – tea.


It has been revealed that the actress practiced tea-drinking skills in order to impress the monarch. A few months before, the bride-to-be took a secret trip to Rose Tree Cottage, a “little slice of England”, situated in Pasadena, in Los Angeles suburbs.

It was there, where Meghan is believed to have learned the art of the crooked finger, as she held her cup and sipped her Earl Grey before she could enjoy afternoon tea with the Queen.


But despite the fat rulebook that Meghan has to memorize, she can’t hold on her rebel spirit, as the future bride is known to break the royal protocol many times. From the cake choice to not wearing tights on the public, American beauty likes to do her own thing.


After all, it’s her wedding, too!

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