Peter Andre's Wife Emily Opens Up About Breastfeeding Struggles With Son Theo

Date February 27, 2018

Peter Andre, a singer, songwriter, businessman, presenter, and television personality, and Emily MacDonagh first met in 2010 when the reality show star was treated for painful kidney stones by Emily's father. What a way to meet your future wife!

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Andre fell head over heels with Emily despite the 16-year age gap and asked her father's permission to date her. The pair kept their relationship in secret for the first couple months, but eventually, they started appearing in public together.


Peter and Emily announced they are expecting their first child in 2013, and Andre proposed to his partner just a few days before she gave birth.

And later, Emily and Peter had their second child, son Theo.

Recently, MacDonagh has opened up about the different experiences she had with breastfeeding her children. She revealed that with her daughter Amelia, she had no problems, but it was completely different with Theo.

Emily said:

It's important we really support women who can breastfeed. I personally breastfed both my kids and loved it. I had no problems at all with my first baby and presumed it would be the same with my second. [But I] was surprised to find it was really, really difficult. I needed all the support out there. I had an amazing breastfeeding support worker who I didn't even know existed until I needed her. My midwife and everyone were amazing. I think it's being able to say I'm struggling and I need help.

The mother-of-two was filling in for resident TV doctor, Dr. Hilary, on the entertainment show Lorraine. Peter was happy to give his beautiful wife praises when he shared a photo of her on Instagram and wrote:

Proud of wife Emily today stepping in for Dr Hilary on ITV @itvlorraine :))) great stuff.

MacDonagh received a lot of support from viewers, but her biggest cheerleaders are her children and husband.

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