Royal Feud: Prince William Is Furious At How Prince Charles Treated Kate's Mom

Date March 20, 2018 12:18

With the recent news about an ‘explosive’ biography of Prince Charles written by Tom Bower, a scandalous biographer claiming testimony from more than 120 people, interesting and unexpected details of the future king’s life have started to pop up.


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According to claims, written in the book, Prince Charles and the Queen’s courtiers were planning to ignore Kate Middleton's mother Carole on social events in a scheme organized over fears Charles would be isolated from his grandchildren.


The royal feud appeared when Prince Charles started to fear he is "usurped" by Kate's parents, Carole and Michael Middleton, as Prince William and Kate choose to spend a lot of time with them at Kate’s family home in Berkshire.


Tom Bower, an author who once exposed an affair between Simon Cowell and Dannii Minogue, said:

After his own marriage, William chose to retreat with Kate to Norfolk, where they could preserve their privacy.

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The fact that the royal couple also preferred to spend Christmas with Kate’s family instead of other royals added fuel to the fire.

Charles began to fear that he was being usurped by the Middletons, and several of the Queen’s courtiers picked up on this. As a consequence, they decided to ignore Carole Middleton on social occasions.

Prince William was “infuriated” with the treatment of his mother-in-law, he decided to consult with his grandmother, the Queen, who invited TV cameras to Balmoral to document her enjoying a drive alongside Carole in order to make up for her son’s cold shoulder.


This is not the first time a royal feud emerged between the father and the son. According to Mr. Bower, William and Charles’ relationship became strained because of the conflict of interests. Williams is a very different royal, he didn’t share his father’s interests.


The author claims that Charles was “blinded by his lifestyle”, which according to the biography, is filled with luxury. Mr. Bower claims Prince Charles and Camilla's love of living in a certain way causes a disruption for those around them.

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