Star Wars Actor Oscar Isaac Experienced Birth, Death, And Marriage In Just Three Months

Date February 22, 2018 13:27

Life changed for Oscar Isaac pretty fast – in just three months.


The Force Awakens star is very secretive about his personal life. He even created a lot of confusion in the press because of the one simple question, “who Oscar Isaac is dating?”.

The Guatemalan actor rumored to be engaged, some thought even secretly married, to a woman named Maria Miranda. But then, Isaac attended the Golden Globes with a Danish documentary filmmaker Elvira Lind. So, it seems that this settles everything, right? Wrong!

It’s not as simple as it looks. A lot of confusion comes from the fact that the press has been mistaken Lind for Miranda for more than a year. When Oscar was spotted with a blonde woman in 2015, everyone was sure that it was Miranda, but looking at photos now, it actually might have been Lind. There haven’t been any official photos of the actor’s mysterious ex, so the media never knew how she actually looked like.


In the spring issue of GQ, Oscar Isaac opened up about his life a bit more. He finally married Elvira Lind. Isaac explained his decision:

She's Danish—she's not a citizen, and she was very pregnant, and there was an element of figuring out, 'Well, where are we going to be?' and us wanting to be a family unit a bit more. Also, the Danes, they don't really believe in marriage. I think it has a lot to do with the equality of the sexes over there. Marriage doesn't mean anything financially, because the state takes care of people. The marriage itself becomes less important.


But the actor had a good motivation to pop up the big question:

Right before it happened, my mom was ill, and so I saw her carrying my child, bathing my sick mom...Seeing her do that, I just thought, 'I want to be with this person forever and ever. I just wanted to take that extra step as well.

He married the Danish filmmaker in March, a month after his mother died, and a few weeks later, Elvira gave birth to their baby boy.


Lind took to social media to make the announcement of giving birth to her baby.

She shared her gratefulness to the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival with the regards to her project Bobbi Jene, which won many awards.

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