Stranger On Airplane Adopts Woman’s Newborn Son After Chance Encounter

Date December 7, 2018

Adoption happens more often than we might think. Around 7 million Americans are adopted. But what usually comes as an extremely considerate decision can sometimes be an act of faith and trust in your own heart.

Abusive relationship

At 24, Samantha found herself pregnant and planning to leave her boyfriend, who repeatedly abused her. The last drop was when he pushed her, 3 months pregnant, on a bed with his hands around her neck.

Samantha called her mother, who previously was unable to help her, but after finding out that her daughter is pregnant, she invited Samantha to live with her and her partner in Arkansas.

Samantha knew she couldn’t be a good mom at this point in her life, so she started considering adoption. But soon after, her mother told her that she wants to raise the baby with her partner. The young woman knew she didn’t want her child to grow up with her mother, who was drinking daily.

Despite feeling depressed and disconnected, there was one light in Samantha’s life during this difficult time: a guy she had met while playing an online video game. He didn’t care that she was 8 months pregnant, he didn’t care about her past — he just wanted her.

A chance meeting

Samantha decided to fly to North Carolina and meet the guy, but she missed her flight. Little did she know, missing that flight would completely change her life.

When a standby seat opened up, she was sat next to a bubbly and friendly woman. In just one hour, she felt like they had known each other for years. They talked about everything, including Samantha’s thoughts about adaption.

When saying goodbye, the woman, Temple, gave Samantha her phone number in case if she ever needs anything.

Samantha had spent just three days with her new boyfriend when that number came in need. She gave birth to a baby boy earlier than expected, and after being left alone when her boyfriend went to work, she called her mother first, but the conversation had her in tears.

So, she called Temple. The woman was happy to hear from her and agreed to come to a hospital to keep her company. As she watched Temple feed her newborn, she instantly knew she was watching the woman who was meant to raise her son, so she offered Temple to adopt her baby. The woman was shocked, completely caught off guard, but broke down in tears with the word that changed the life for both of them – “yes”.

A happy ending

Samantha wrote to LoveThat Matters sharing her story. She remembers Temple’s reaction:

She was in disbelief that I even asked her, a stranger, but a stranger that felt more like family to me than anyone.

After two years, Samantha and her loving boyfriend are still together, living in a lovely apartment that they share. His family has become hers.

Temple and Samantha now work together and talk every day. Samantha has become an aspiring photographer.

She wrote a message to everyone who has been going through hard times:

I want everyone to know that even though the walls may feel as if they are closing in on you, if you just trust your heart and have FAITH, it will get better.

We couldn’t have said it better.