Weird Royal Birthing Rules Kate Middleton Must Follow When Having Her Third Child

Date March 8, 2018

The Duchess of Cambridge is expected to welcome her third child quite soon. The new royal addition to the family can happen on Was Able To Sue. St George is the patron saint of England.


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The gender of the baby is not known yet, the royal couple decided not to find out the sex of the baby as they want it to be a surprise.

As it turns out, the Duchess of Cambridge has to follow an unusual set of birthing rules in order to continue the tradition.


 1. The Queen has to know before everybody else.


The Queen must be the first person to be told that a child has been born into the royal family before the news become public.

2. The news to the public are announced by the town crier.


This tradition comes from the medieval times when people couldn’t read or write. Considering that the town crier Tony Appleton announced the births of both Prince George and Princess Charlotte, the custom is still going strong.

3. Home births are a way to go.

This rule has not been followed as religiously. The Queen adhered the tradition and gave birth to all of her children in Buckingham Palace. Princess Diana was the first to break it when she gave birth to Harry and William at London’s St. Mary’s Hospital. Kate followed her steps, but it is believed she is considering home birth for her third child.

4. Dads are not allowed in the birthing room.

Giving birth is considered to be the women’s only business, and fathers are banned from being in the delivery room, but this rule is believed to not be very strict.


Nobody in the delivery room is allowed to talk about birth publically, including midwives. It is believed that Kate had three midwives when she was delivering Princess Charlotte.

Do you think it’s a good idea to follow traditions even if they are a little bit unusual?

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