When Love Ends: The Heartbreak Helped Bond Meghan Markle And Prince Harry

Date March 16, 2018

When Prince Harry first laid eyes on stunning American actress Meghan Markle in the summer of 2016, he was obviously smitten. But after he decided to take her to Botswana on their third date, it only showed that he had finally met someone very special.


It’s not hard to see why the British royal fell for the Suits star so fast. She’s undeniably beautiful and very intelligent. But she also seems to have a quality that Harry is no stranger to either – an empathetic nature.


Harry’s easy-going and caring personality is often thought to be inherited from his mother, Princess Diana, who was nicknamed “People’s Princess” for being close to the ordinary public.


But there's something else that might have made Harry and Meghan bond. They both are the children of couples who fell out of love.

Meghan's parents, Doria Ragland and Thomas Markle, divorced when she was a six-year-old child. Harry went through the same heartbreaking experience at the age of eight when Princess Diana and Prince Charles finally admitted that their 11-year marriage came to an end.

Last year, Markle mentioned in the interview with Vanity Fair that despite the split, her parents remained friends:

My dad would come on Sundays to drop me off, and we'd watch Jeopardy! eating dinner on TV trays, the three of us… We were still so close-knit.

But her childhood best friend Ninaki Priddy painted a different picture. She said:

Sometimes she felt she had to pick sides. She was always trying to make sure each of them was happy. She'd have to relay messages. It was literally stuff like, 'Tell your mother…,' or 'Tell your father…

Despite that, both of Meghan parents made a huge influence on her life, thanks to them, she got interested in acting and became a humanitarian.

Both my parents came from little, so they made a choice to give a lot. Buying turkeys for homeless shelters at Thanksgiving, delivering meals to patients in hospice care, donating any spare change in their pocket to those asking for it, and performing quiet acts of grace—be it a hug, a smile, or a pat on the back to show ones in need that they would be alright. This is what I grew up seeing, so that is what I grew up being.

Harry also experienced the feeling of being torn between two parents. He admitted that in a documentary about Princess Diana:

There was a point in which our parents split, and the two of us [Prince William and Harry] were bouncing between the two of them [Charles and Diana] and we probably never saw our mother enough, or saw our father enough.


Even though Meghan and Harry both went through this experience, there's no doubt family is one of the most important things in their lives, and they will do all they can to avoid the mistakes of the past.

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