After Being Snubbed By The Indian PM, Justin Trudeau Poses For A Photo On 'Diana's' Taj Mahal Bench


February 20, 2018 15:19 By Fabiosa

The first visit of the Canadian Prime Minister to India is marked by not that pleasant event. The thing is that as a rule, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, breaks protocol and goes to the airport to meet important guests such as the heads of the government. However, he didn’t do so when the Canadian PM arrived with his wife Sophie and their three children.

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Later on, the family visited the Taj Mahal. They took some photos near the famous marble bench Princess Diana once sat all alone back in 1992. The whole family, including the PM’s wife and their children, Xavier, 10, Hadrien, 3, and Ella-Grace, 9, posed for photos near the famous monument together.

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Back in 2016, everyone thought that posing near the bench would be quite awkward for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but their attempt appeared to have huge success. The monument is a symbolic thing for them as it’s the place where William’s mother, Diana, had made it clear that she was single, and her marriage was over.

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