50 Moms, 50 Kids, And 1 Extra Chromosome: Children With Down Syndrome Take Part In Carpool Karaoke

Date March 21, 2018

March 21 is the World Down Syndrome Day, and that’s the time when people try to raise awareness among others about the syndrome and people who live with it. Every day, such people have their own battles with the world, so it’s a perfect opportunity for them to learn a bit.

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To celebrate the day, 50 mothers of kids with Down syndrome have decided to make it special and recorded a special video with their kids. Together, they performed Christina Perri's A Thousand Years with them. The opening message of the video sounded like this:

Introducing 50 ordinary mums and 50 ordinary four-year-olds with just one tiny connection: One extra chromosome.

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The Internet has exploded when its users saw the beautiful video! They called them both an inspiration and a great example of support. Some of the users raised the question of “abortion-on-demand” and how wrong it is in view of this video with truly amazing kids!

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