“A Miracle Born To Heroes,” After Losing A Baby And Suffering From Wildfires, The Couple Is Finally Blessed With A Baby Girl

Date April 5, 2018

The family of Matt and Danielle Forbes had just suffered a terrible loss in their family when their hometown, Fort McMurray, was caught in wildfires. Danielle gave birth to a still baby girl at 27 weeks. It seemed nothing could be harder, but the fire made the family flee their city and looked for help elsewhere.

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However, Matt, as a firefighter, remained there to fight for his home. Her friend helped her find a temporary place to live. Luckily, soon, they returned home. But the most precious thing happened on July 10, 2017. On that day, their baby Ember was born. Danielle’s friend called her ‘a miracle born to heroes’.

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And it isn’t the only miracle story. Baby Mohammed, for example, was born 6 months after his mommy survived the fire at the Grenfell Tower. Back then, she was in her 3rd month. She said:

He is a miracle. When I first saw his face, I was so, so happy. I think he is the youngest survivor.

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