Adorable Sextuplets Were Born To 35-Year-Old Mom Of 3. Family Celebrates Their Arrival With A Photo Shoot

Date March 2, 2018

People could only imagine the shock of the woman who’s just heard that in addition to her three kids, she is pregnant with sextuplets. That’s exactly what this mother from Alabama learned during her ultrasound. Courtney and Eric Waldrop, 35, were shocked to death.

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Before that, she’s had a few miscarriages, and she knew a treatment was necessary for her to be able to carry the baby to the term. The couple’s doctor tried to minimize the chances of having twins, but the result shocked everyone.

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The babies were born on December 11, under 30 weeks, and all of them are healthy and feel great. To celebrate the happy moment, the family has organized a cute photo shoot. They bundled up the babies into the colors of the rainbow and the photographer, Ashley Sargent, took adorable photos of them lying next to each other.