Becoming A Royal? Meghan Markle Copies One Useful Habit Of Kate Middleton, The Queen, And Princess Diana

Date March 2, 2018

Recently it was the first time that The Duke of Cambridge, the Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle gathered together to attend an event. In fact, it was the first annual Royal Foundation Forum. The Fab 4 expressed their opinions on the pressing problems and shared their plans for the future work.


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Meghan Markle tried her best to show that soon, she’ll be one of the royals, and there was one particular thing she’s borrowed from Kate Middleton. In fact, it’s something both Princess Diana and Queen Elizabeth used to do. But it was the Duchess of Cambridge who this position was named after. It’s called the “duchess slant” and stand for the sitting position.


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Meghan Markle doesn't try to hide that Princess Diana is her role model from her early years. And now, it’s become even more apparent, especially by what the former actress wears, how she looks, and what she does.

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