People See A Human In This Dog’s Face, And More Of Them Agree On The Resemblance!

Date March 15, 2018 10:49

At first glance, this doggy is just another pet in a regular family, and his owner thought so until he posted the photo of his pet on Facebook. That’s when his friends saw a striking resemblance of Yogi’s face with the human's one.

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Just have a look at it, and you won’t believe your eyes. By the way, Yogi’s eyes give him the very human look! However, the photo as well as appearances might be deceptive. And when looking at Yogi at another angle, he seems to be a regular dog.

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Still, it didn’t prevent the photo of him beside another dog from going viral. People all over the world have shared it with each other, and their reactions were drastically different, though, the majority did see something human in the dog. And what do you see in these deep brown eyes?

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