Donald Trump “Invites” Oprah Winfrey To Run For The Us Presidency In 2020

Date February 19, 2018

When it comes to political rivalry, we all know it might get pretty rough even though there’s no reason for that in the majority of cases. The same has happened after Oprah Winfrey when she’s decided to shoot 60 minutes with 14 voters from Michigan, and 7 of them voted for Donald Trump. She just wanted to gather all these people at one roundtable to share their opinions after the first year of Trump's presidency.

The discussion appeared to be quite heated, but no one expected it would be simple. Some of the voters said Trump was the best president ever, while others completely disapproved his actions as the head of the country.

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Everything would have been normal if not President Trump. He decided to interfere with the discussion and challenge Oprah Winfrey to take the lead and try running for the presidential post during the next presidential elections.

The president showed his contempt saying that her questions to the voters were biased and called the host of the show “insecure”. In fact, it’s better to read the Twitter post of the president once, and everything will be clear then.

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However, the reactions of people to the comment of Donald Trump got divided into two camps. Some expressed their utter resentment of the president, saying it’s he who is biased and insecure. At the same time, other people said Oprah’s questions were anti-Trump ones.

Anyway, only time will show who will become the next president of the USA and whether Oprah will accept the challenge.

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