Donald Trump Jr. Jokes About His Haircut From The 80s When Sharing A Flashback On Social Media

Date April 6, 2018

Donald Trump Jr. seems to enjoy the attention of the media, and apparently, it’s likewise. The thing is his new mullet haircut, and it became a real sensation on Yahoo’s homepage. It’s been there for 2 days. The son of the US president even joked about it in one of his Instagram posts saying:

Must have been a slow news weekend. Me getting a haircut made Yahoo’s homepage for 2 days straight. I made a joke about cutting my mullet as it had been a while and there’s full articles on the psychology involved????. It’s a haircut people. I literally did nothing more than cut it a bit not even a new style... which I likely need more than the cut.

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So, he decided to give people something more exciting and legit to discuss. On his Instagram account, he posted a photo of himself from the 80s. It was a kind of a throwback to his childhood where he had pretty long hair. He joked about his new haircut and his attempts to revive what he had in the 80s.

Here you go folks. While my haircut/mullet joke somehow made national news this week here’s a legit #throwback #mullet pic. I think I pull it off well, though my attempts to revive the look in 20 teens has fallen flat. That is some serious #80s / #90s #flow.

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In fact, Donald Trump Jr. is rather active on social media like his dad. Once, he even decided to fight back the claims of Jeb Bush who said Trump’s kids don’t love him. So, Donald Trump Jr. wrote a touching Twitter post ruining Jeb’s statement.

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