Jennifer Garner Shares An Easy-To-Do And Healthy “Pass-It-Back” Snack Recipe That’s Perfect For Hungry Kids

Date April 17, 2018

Recently, Jennifer Garner has decided to take her cooking skills to Instagram. She posted a cute 3-minute video where she tried to teach her fans to cook muffins. In the video, the super actress was wearing her jammies, and her look made the video even more fascinating.

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So, now, when Jennifer Garner has launched her own ‘cooking show’, she is at liberty to share some cool recipes with her fans. And one of them appeared to be a ‘pass-it-back’ snack that’s not only easy to make but also delicious. The coolest thing about the snacks is that you know what they are made with and all the ingredients are easy to pronounce.



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Jennifer is one of those down-to-earth celebrities that don’t allow money to change her personality. Recently, she’s celebrated her birthday but was totally unlike others. The party was a low-key one and included the celebration with the kids who had a chance to indulge themselves with some pizza!

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