Kate Walsh From Grey’s Anatomy Reveals Her Health Condition Details After Brain Tumor

Date April 19, 2018 13:52

When Kate Walsh heard her diagnosis in 2015, she was totally devastated. A brain tumor that was nothing near what she expected. But the battle was only beginning, and for that, she needed to find a doctor exactly like her character, Dr. Addison Montgomery, in ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy and Private Practice. And she successfully found one in L.A.

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Everything started with just fatigue she’s been constantly feeling. And together with some issues with her cognition, they made the actress attend a doctor. Then and there, she was diagnosed with a brain tumor. Three days after, she had it removed. Now, Walsh is alive and kicking. She says she’s never been healthier. She enjoys her new healthy eating habits and sports routine. All together, they make her happy.



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She even has decided to make a comeback with her perfume ‘Boyfriend’. It’s being relaunched once again after the first release in 2010.

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