Loving Brother Makes His Down Syndrome Sister’s Dream Come True And Shows Her To The World

Date March 15, 2018 10:47

Everyone who has a sibling knows the bond can’t be stronger. And the whole life of Chris Garafola was like this. He always supported his sister and wanted to give more to her. Brittany is younger than Chris, and she has Down syndrome. Chris says she always wanted to do everything he does.

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And it made him think of this special birthday gift. Chris, who’s been working as a model in Boston, USA, for a few years, has decided to organize an unforgettable photo shoot for his sister.

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He used social media to engage the professionals who would agree to help him. And the response was just massive! Hundreds of people wanted to help in every way they could. That’s how this video appeared. Brittany was over the moon because it was her first professional photoshoot ever!

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