Man Won 2 Lotteries In His Life: First One Was With Cancer, While Another Brought Him $500,000

Date April 19, 2018

As a rule, one person in a million wins a lottery, and it’s a pure chance you or some of your friends are going to be a winner. Still, people have elaborated some methods that, to their mind, might increase the chances. First, it’s suggested to buy more than one ticket. Then, it’s a good idea to join a lottery pool. And if this doesn’t help, just try checking your ticket once again. The happiness might be so close!


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So, when Brian and Carolyn Moore realized they won a half-million dollars, they were just ecstatic! And that happened after the Parksville man won his battle with cancer. The whopping amount of $500,000 just blew their minds. So, now, they want to have a trip to eastern Canada to spend some time with their family.


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Recently, another man from Qualicum won $500,000 on the Extra portion of the Lotto 6/49. Le Blanc commented he was speechless when he learned the news!


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