Meghan Markle Learns From The Best: Kate Middleton Shares Her Secrets Of Adapting To The Royal Family

Date March 12, 2018 10:50

There’s no one but Kate Middleton who could understand Meghan Markle better. As it’s the Duchess of Cambridge who was in the same position some time ago when she was only about to join the royal family. May will be the month they finally become sisters-in-law, but their bonding has already started.


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As Queen Elisabeth II had been helping Kate Middleton how to behave like a future queen during their audiences, she will do the same to Meghan Markle. Over cups of tea, they share some secrets on how to become a royal. So, whenever Meghan has a question, both William and Kate are always willing to help her.



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What is more, there is an official royal aide that is aimed to help the future duchess with the protocol and other related issues. It’s been recently announced that the former Kensington Palace press officer Amy Pickerill will be working closely with Meghan, helping her to work on her official diary and correspondences.

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