Meghan Markle To Stand A Test Of Old-Century Royal Protocol That Even The Queen Isn’t Allowed To Break

Date March 30, 2018 14:30

It’s becoming more common for royals to marry commoners, and such a decision makes the person who is entering the royal family abide by certain rules and restrictions. First, it’s necessary to note that no commoner can become a prince or princess but just a consort. What is more, joining a royal family means the end of a public career and presence in any social media.


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The minute Meghan Markle joins the family, it will become her job to abide by all kinds of rules. Some of them are hard to understand, but even the Queen isn't allowed to break them. And some of the rules date back to the past centuries. One of them is eating at the same time when the Queen eats. It means no one is allowed to take an extra bite when the monarch finishes her meal.


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However, Meghan is one of those who doesn’t like playing by the rules, and she’s broken the royal protocol several times. First, she dared not to wear nude stockings for their engagement photo shoot – and that’s something utterly unacceptable for the royals. She doesn’t hesitate to hold hands with her fiancée. However, any signs of affection in public are just forbidden. Let’s see how she behaves when she is a full-time duchess. Also, she won't be allowed to play Monopoly and express her personal views on politics.

Meghan Markle