“My Beautiful Big Sissy!” Princess Eugenie Shares A Beautiful Selfie With Her Beloved Sister Beatrice

Date March 21, 2018

Sisters Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie prove not for the first time they are not rivals at all and support one another no matter what. And the recent tribute Princess Eugenie paid to Princess Beatrice is a living proof of that. The little sister, who is now 27, shared an emotional story when she was battling scoliosis, and Beatrice encouraged her not to get disheartened. Princess Eugenie said the following:

As my big sister, you inspire me. I love that, as a team, we work hard to support each other – no matter what.


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This time Princess Eugenie got even more sensitive and shared a black and white selfie of herself and her sister. By the way, it’s one of her first Instagram posts since she joined it about a week ago. The sister captioned the photo:

My beautiful big sissy!

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The two sisters are virtually inseparable, and it’s hard to imagine soon one of them will be a married woman. They appear everywhere together and do seem to be best friends. Recently, they’ve been together at the wedding of Prince Christian of Hanover and Alessandra de Osma.


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