Prince Charles Buys A £40 Gift For Camilla A Few Days Ahead Of Their 13th Wedding Anniversary

Date April 10, 2018 18:11

This year, it’s the 13th wedding anniversary of Prince Charles and Camilla. They tied the knot on April 9, 2005, and since then, the couple has spent a lot of joint visits to different countries. However, this time, during their visit to Australia, Camilla has decided to leave earlier. It means they won’t be together on their anniversary day. According to a palace insider, such an abrupt decision is explained by:

The schedule is too much for her, as she’s 70 years old. She doesn’t want to take too much on.



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But this clearly doesn’t mean the duchess will be left without a present from her loving husband. He decided to spend £40 on a handbag and hat at a local market stall in Vanuatu. And even though it won’t be the most expensive hat of the Duchess of Cornwall, it will become a perfect present from Prince Charles, who commented while buying:

They make such wonderful gifts don’t they.



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And even if now Camilla is the only woman is Charles’ heart, back in his youth, about 40 years ago, there was a 14-year-old girl who broke barriers to kiss him. Recently, the same woman, Leila Sherwood, came to see the prince and showed him a newspaper clipping of the time they met.   


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