Queen Letizia Explains Her Behavior In The Incident That Sparked A Furor In The Media

Date April 6, 2018

The drama of the Spanish royalty has recently become widely discussed all over the world. No one knows the reason for the conflict, but the people were shocked to see Queen Letizia pushing Queen Sofia’s arm from the shoulder of one of her grandkids.

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There was no official explanation of the drama. However, close friends of Queen Letizia claim she was just protecting her kids from ‘intrusive media’. The mother just didn’t want to allow them to photograph her kids, but at that moments, it appeared they were standing next to their grandmother. Queen Letizia’s friends say she’s ‘hurt’ by the attention the video got in the media.



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The next appearance of Queen Letizia in Madrid was a few days after the incident with her mother-in-law. But the Queen preferred not to give any signs that anything’s happened. She was calm, brave, and smiling as always.

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