Royal Dad Prince William Says His Son Might Have A Dangerous Profession In The Future

Date March 14, 2018

All members of the royal family either have noble professions or just respect the people who have managed to master them. They try to show it by participating in all kinds of events. The Met Excellence Awards is one of them, and the Duke of Cambridge together with Prince Harry appeared there to recognize @metpoliceuk officers.

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What is more, the father of Prince George, Prince William, has admitted his son very soon might join them. The father said his son is actually obsessed by the police and everything related. So, why not?

He is obsessed, actually, by the police….cars, toys, everything!



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And while Prince William is choosing a profession for his son, his wife doesn’t have any intentions of slowing down before having their third baby. She’s been recently seen with Judy Murray, Tim Henman, and Wimbledon officials. They gathered to discuss children's tennis initiatives in the UK.

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Prince William