She Tried Embryo Adoption And Never Regretted It: Mom Of 7 Opens Up About Her Experience

Date March 23, 2018

Embryo adoption is another chance for people who have infertility to have their own kids. Individuals who already have their kids and still have some remaining embryos can share them with those who can’t have kids of their own.

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Angela Braniff is a mother of 7 kids, and she admits her life is always a bit crazy with all them around. Nevertheless, number 7 is a happy one for her. Angela gave birth to 2 of her first kids with the help of embryo adoption. Then, the next 3 they adopted from child centers. The couple tried to conceive naturally, but after 2 years of trying, they turned to embryo adoption, and Angela gave birth to twins.

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She never regretted it. For Angela, it was an only option to adopt a child and be pregnant at the same time. And such a method proved to work so well that now, she is a happy mommy to 7 kids!