Will “A Slovenian Captive In The White House” Stand By The Immigrant Families?

Date March 16, 2018

In view of the US president’s anti-immigrant policy, there are more and more questions to his wife, Melania Trump, and her parents. It is a well-known fact that Viktor and Amalija Knavs fled Slovenia. Later on, they became permanent residents of the USA and had a legal proof of that. However, it raises questions as to Melania’s attitude to the ideas her husband promotes.


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Recently, there’s been issued a petition called “Stand With Immigrant Families—Like Yours!!!” that is aimed to attract the attention of Melania Trump to the problem, especially given the fact she is an immigrant herself.


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Jimmy Kimmel can’t keep calm in the situations related to the family of Donald Trump. So, he has voiced his opinion on the problem as well. He called Melania “a Slovenian captive in the White House.”

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