Will The World See The Long-Awaited Documentary On 98-Years-Old Elinor Otto, America's Longest-Working Rosie The Riveter?

Date March 15, 2018

Rosie the Riveter is the image practically everyone knows about or at least has seen in various campaigns. It’s traced back to WWII when it was used for a campaign that had an aim to attract female workers for defense industries. In fact, it worked and the percentage increased by 10%.

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Since then, the image has been used worldwide for various ads. But only a few think about the real women behind the image. Elinor Otto is one of them. What is more, she is considered to be the longest working Rosie the Riveter nowadays. Now, she is 98, and already two Hollywood producers have voiced the idea to make a documentary on her life.

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But the women we should give the credit for the world-famous picture is Naomi Parker Fraley, who has recently died aged 96. It was her photo that inspired the poster “We Can Do It”.

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