Woman Finds A Bottle On The Beach. When She Brings It Home, She Realizes It Hides A Lot More Than Just A Piece Of Paper


March 22, 2018 14:40 By Fabiosa

A message in a bottle doesn’t seem something incredible for people anymore, but whenever someone finds a bottle with a message in it, there’s always a trace of mystery. Such messages make us relieve the feelings of the people who sent it. Like this message from Titanic that was about to hit the bottom:

From Titanic, goodbye all, Burke of Glanmire, Cork.

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Recently, there’s been discovered the oldest message in a bottle in the history of the world. Mrs. Illman and her friend Grace Ricciardo were those who found the bottle when they were strolling along an Australian beach.

It just looked like a lovely old bottle so I picked it up thinking it might look good in my bookcase. My son’s girlfriend was the one who discovered the note when she went to tip the sand out.

The family let the paper dry out, and then they saw a message in German there. It was part of a German oceanographic experiment in 1886. The bottle was meant to study ocean currents and help people find more efficient trading routes.

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And it’s only a small part of what oceans hide from us. And only people who are genuinely interested in finding something can reach their goal. And Paul Allen, a Microsoft co-founder, together with his expedition team found a wreckage from the USS Lexington that sank on May 8, 1942.

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