Grace Kelly's Look-A-Like Granddaughter Camille Talks Warmly About Her Royal Family

Date February 23, 2018

When you look at Camille Gottlieb, Grace Kelly’s granddaughter, you realize that the statement "good looks run in the family" is true. The girl might not be in line to the throne, but she has definitely taken after her famous grandma. Piercing blue eyes, heart-shaped face, and plump lips – you cannot but notice these uncanny similarities.











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Camille inherited Grace’s camera-ready appearance. And the girl can boast of many fans around the globe, having more than 50 thousand followers on her Instagram.


What does she do now?

A dead ringer for the star founded an organization "Be Safe Monaco," whose aim is to raise awareness of adverse effects of drinking and driving. The girl lost a friend to drunk driving, and she doesn’t approve of its consumption. She says:

It's not for me, I do not like it. I hate the idea of losing control.








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Opening up about the royal family

Camille doesn’t often talk about her family, but when she does, it’s always heartfelt. The Monaco royal appreciates everything her mom and dad do for her:

I am very lucky. I would not trade my family for another for nothing in the world.

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Gottlieb also has half-siblings, with whom she’s very close. Louis is extremely protective of his younger sisters. Pauline, is more rebellious and less serious. But they all maintain contact, calling themselves ‘Three Musketeers.’







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Paying tribute to Grace Kelly

Camille knows that her grandmother was an extraordinary woman, and she doesn’t miss a chance to pay tribute to her. Actually, the whole family does so. They honored the Princess of Monaco by screening one of her most famous films.


We think Grace Kelly can be proud of her offspring.

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