Actor Mickey Rourke Says A Beloved NYC Priest Who Has Died Recently Saved His Life

Date February 20, 2018

Rev. Peter Colapietro was an unusual priest known for his celebrity friends and love for whiskey. In fact, Father Pete was one of New York’s favorite priests who touched the lives of many people and helped some of them get on the right track.

Unfortunately, he died of emphysema at the beginning of February at the age of 69. And many stars cannot help but share Peter’s influence on their lives, including Mickey Rourke.

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Paying tribute

It may be surprising, but Father Pete actually saved the actor’s life back in 1994. When he knocked on the door of the church, he had a revolver and a letter to his estranged spouse, Carré Otis, but he had no desire to live anymore.

© A Prayer for the Dying (1987) / Samuel Goldwyn Company

The troubled boxer was astonished when the priest offered him wine and cigarettes instead of moral teaching. Eventually, Peter talked the actor out of committing suicide and took the letter away to place it under St. Jude’s statue.

At that time, Rourke could not boast of successful movie career because no one wanted to work with him. He also had relationship troubles with Otis accusing him of spousal abuse, which he denied.

© Angel Heart (1987) / Carolco International N.V.

After the first confession, Mickey returned to the church, entrusting Father Pete with all details about his life. He even revealed he wanted to kill someone who allegedly beat up his wife. Peter explained him about religious repercussions, and it was so scary Rourke didn’t think about crimes anymore.


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New beginning

Thanks to Father Pete (and psychotherapists), the boxer was able to restart his acting career, win a couple of awards, and build a new serious relationship with a Russian beauty, Anastassija Makarenko. When the priest was admitted to the hospital, Mickey ordered the delivery of Italian delicacies every week for seven months. The actor says:

We had a friendship for over 24 years. He always seemed to have the right thing to say.


Father Pete had a lovable sense of humor and brought humanity to the religion. And he will be sorely missed.

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