8-Year-Old Student Slashes 3 Children With Kitchen Knife At Minnesota Elementary School

Date April 18, 2018 10:36

Unfortunately, many schools in the United States aren’t doing enough to tackle knife crime.

Otherwise, it may lead to terrible consequences


On April 16, 8-year-old student from Minnesota came to Pleasantview Elementary school with a kitchen knife. In the hallway, the 2nd-grader cut 3 children at random in less than a minute.

Then, the student walked to the school office and told what he had done by putting the knife down. The reason the 8-year-old came to school with a knife is unclear.

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The victims are in 1st, 4th, and 7th grade. And although the police tell the injuries are minor, 2 students required stitches, because the 2nd-grader cut them in the back of their heads.

The police responded aggressively and took the boy to the station, where he was released to his parents. They didn’t provide any more details.

The student will not be criminally charged according to Minnesota laws. Instead, social services should handle such cases.

The same day, the police in South Dakota also reported they would not charge another 7-year-old student who had brought a BB gun to school playground.

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