After Divorce, Princess Diana Replaced Her Engagement Ring With A Gem Of Incredible Beauty


Undoubtedly, Princess Diana remains an icon of style as she always managed to look stylish and elegant. The same applies to her jewels. After Diana’s death, the impressive collection was left for her sons’ future wives, Duchess Catherine and Meghan Markle.

So, who got what?

As for Harry’s bride-to-be, she does not have many gems yet. But Diana’s sapphire brooch was used to make an engagement ring for the former actress. And we should say, it looks exactly like something the princess would wear.


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Kate Middleton is luckier as she got some of the most iconic jewels like Saudi Suit earrings, Queen Mary Lover's Knot Tiara, and many more. William’s wife also wears Diana’s engagement ring, but not everyone knows there was another gem the princess preferred after the divorce.


Meaningful diamond jewel

Since wearing engagement ring after the split seemed inappropriate, Diana replaced it with £75,000 gem! An emerald cut, aquamarine ring went with the princess’ favorite pearl and diamond bracelet. Even when looking at the photos, this bling immediately catches everyone’s eyes.

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Besides, Diana always chose diamond jewelry that was meaningful to her. In this case, the ring was a symbol of the beginning of her single life. And diamonds were the representation of commitment and love.

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