Bags Of Style? There Is A Simple Reason Why The Royals Usually Carry A Clutch Bag

Date February 22, 2018

There are so many things the royals need to think about when throwing on clothes in the morning. And their outfit choices often raise many questions. Why does the queen often wear gloves? Why do royal females wear hats? Or why do they wear only certain colors?

Well, gloves are worn for practical reasons to shake hands. Hats are customary for official visits and formal events. And some colors may be suitable for different occasions, like green for visiting Ireland or red for visiting Canada.

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What is more, there is a great theory as to why Duchess Catherine and Queen Elizabeth II usually carry a clutch bag.

The reason is simple – to avoid awkward handshakes

Kate Middleton often holds her little bags in both hands during public appearances. And when she wants to greet someone, she just places it in one hand. Makes sense, isn’t it? But she never ever tucks it under an arm!

On the other hand, the monarch has a thing for handbags with short straps. But like the wife of her grandson, she often opts for carrying them with both hands.

Meghan Markle is not yet a member of the royal family. Maybe, that’s why she defies traditions. Although she chose the same formal style when celebrating the Christmas Day, the former actress loves wearing cross body bags. It seems she is not fazed by contact with her fans!

Another royal woman breaking the tradition

Prince Harry’s beloved is not the only one who shuns protocol. His mother, Princess Diana, also did that by not wearing hats or gloves. And the reason for this is heart melting!


The princess didn’t love wearing gloves because she always wanted to hold or shake hands. As for hats, it was difficult to cuddle children while wearing them. We wonder, will Markle follow this example?

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