Barbie Wannabe Has Eyelid Surgery To Look Like A Doll, And She Doesn't Want To Stop There

Date March 15, 2018

Have you ever thought about changing something in your appearance? At some point, we’re all not entirely satisfied with how our body or face might look like. But is it worth undergoing countless surgeries?

Besides, quite often, those obsessed with transformations do so because they want to look like somebody else, losing their uniqueness. There are many cases of people turning themselves into copies of their celebrity idols. But have you ever heard about those who want to become fictional characters?

Looking like a Barbie doll

The story of a self-proclaimed 'human doll' can serve as an example. Ophelia Vanity is thirty, and she’s obsessed with making herself look like Barbie. Half-Chinese by heritage, she wants to make her facial features more 'western'. And to do so, she has already spent $4 thousand on an eyelid surgery!

What is more, the woman had rhinoplasty. And each month, she has injections of fillers and maintains her bleached hair.

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But now, it seems that Ophelia is really obsessed with surgeries and changing her appearance. She intends to get bum and breast implants, make her skin paler, and remove 4-6 ribs!

Her boyfriend thinks she’s getting addicted to surgeries. On the other hand, Ophelia believes they only make her happier and more confident. But as studies show, plastic surgeries often prove no benefit because obsession doesn’t go away.

What about other people?

In fact, Ophelia is not the only person who wants to look like a doll. Rodrigo Alves can boast about being a 'Human Ken doll'. And he still struggles with attaining the perfect body. Recently, he had his four ribs removed.

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But it seems, such people will never be satisfied with their appearance completely. The problem may be connected to low body image. When people have a healthy body image, they do not think about the way their body should look like.

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