Chrissy Metz Reveals She Was Physically And Emotionally Abused By Her Stepdad Because Of Her Weight

Date March 22, 2018

Just a few years ago, she was an unknown actress who only starred in a handful of shows and movies. Now, Chrissy Metz enjoys popularity owing to a lead role in a hit drama This Is Us. The actress who has been struggling with her weight her entire life has become a role model for plus-size women. And to show that it’s not always easy, the star opened up about the humiliation and hardships she faced in the past.

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When Chrissy was 8 years old, her dad left her mother. Later, the mom found another man, Trigger, who took care of all of her children. Without a doubt, he loved his biological kids. But when it came to Metz, it was the opposite.

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Chrissy’s mother was often at work, so she didn’t know how her man treated her daughter. Trigger was not satisfied with how Metz’s body looked like.

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First, he made jokes that he would lock the refrigerator. But since they lived in poverty, little Chrissy was terrified because food was something that made her happy. Then, Trigger started punching the girl’s body.


When she entered her early teens, things got even worse. Trigger would get the scale and force Chrissy into getting on it. Being 14 years old, the girl weighed 130-140, and the beating escalated.

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Now, the actress and her stepfather are in a positive place. As Metz reveals, they have a good relationship and care about each other. As for the allegations, Trigger denies them, saying that he loved the girl as if she was one of his kids.

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