Compassionate Royal: Prince Charles Meets And Comforts Child Of Mom Killed In Crash

Date February 27, 2018

17 years ago, Prince Charles opened the first Wales Air Ambulance’s helicopter base. And now, he’s back with the same mission, opening the site in Llanelli. There, the Prince of Wales met with staff, pilots, and volunteers who shared their achievements and experience.

Saving people’s lives since 2001

The royal was happy to get to know about the accomplishments of the organization. Back in 2001, there were hardly any people to meet and only one aircraft to fly. But since then, the air ambulance has expanded, providing its services to numerous people, including children.

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Yes, the organization has a helicopter specifically dedicated for transferring kids and babies. And it even has an incubator built in!

Special guest in attendance

There was a special guest saved by the air ambulance in 2016. Now three-year-old Cian Evans lost his mother and unborn sister in a deadly M4 crash. The boy had broken bones and a fractured skull, and the organization managed to save his life. Prince Charles comforted the kid and received a sweet present - honey - from him.

Actually, Prince Charles doesn’t miss an opportunity to meet with youngsters. He also visited a hospice in Wales, where he showed his compassionate side, chatting with chronically ill children and holding their hands.

Kids’ parents were delighted to see the queen’s son and were impressed with how lovely he was. Keep up the good work, Charles!

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Prince Charles